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"Just a short note to let you know how much Steve Hackman helped me and how happy I am that he did. I was very upset about my financial situation and that I could no longer make payments on my home.
Coupled with the fact that the home was no longer worth what I owed, and I had thousands of dollares assesments against the home, I was going to walk away and let the bank take it back. A friend of mine suggested I talk to Steve. Thank goodness I did! Steve was able to give me advice and ultimately sell my home. I did not have to pay anything our of pocket, the bank paid all of the assessments and he was able to get the bank to pay me over $12,000 cash at closing! My credit is much better than if I let the house go to foreclosure and the short sale was a perfec alternative. I highly recommend Steve. He was knowledgeable and professional and helped me when I thought it was a lost cause.

April 11, 2013
Peter Haisan
Marco Island, FL

" We had no idea how a short sale would help us and even more so how to go about, we owned several properties and all were in various stages of foreclosure. Needless to say we were overwhelmed, embarrassed and just thought we had not option except foreclosure. Thankfully we met with Steve and he was able to explaing the benefits of a short sale vs a foreclosure in easy to understand terms in complete understanding of our situation. We did not have to pay Steve, the bank, or any other liens on the properties and he took care of everything.
We closed on our first property in about 2 months and just closed on our second short sale. Our appreciation of Steve's professionalism and knowledge of handling both the sale and dealing with the bank is an understatement. It has been a huge relief for us to not have the stress of worrying about what to do with the bank and the properties, we had no idea how easy it was going to be.
We would recommend Steve over and over again!
Thanks for your help!

June 10, 2013
Kelly and Pat M.

Walking away or "strategically defaulting" on your mortgage is not the answer.
There is nothing stategic about foreclosure, especially when there are solutions to avoid it.

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